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Client focused and results driven.

Trusted by Australians to provide the best advice.

A leading Australian law firm. The interest of our client is our lodestar.
Every client receives the best legal advice. Whether our clients are individuals seeking legal representation following criminal investigations, business clients seeking advise on transactions or offshore clients seeking an Australian visa.

Trusted Legal Advisers

Lucky Iyare & Associates can provide expert legal advice allowing you to achieve excellent outcomes.

We have offices in Sydney & Melbourne

Criminal Law 

We are able to advise and represent you in all Australian Courts.

1. Respond to requests from the police, NSW Crime Commission, AFP and other investigative bodies.

2. Provide advice on police interviews and search warrants.

3. Money laundering and dealing with proceeds of crime.

4. Drug supply and possession offences.

5. Sentence and conviction appeals.

6. Robbery and sexual assaults.

7. Fraud and dishonesty offences.

8. Traffic and motor vehicle offences.

9. Domestic violence offences.

10.Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court bail applications.

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Do you need urgent legal assistance ?

Lucky Iyare & Associates provides expert family law advice covering divorce application, parenting orders, property orders, spousal maintenance, binding financial agreements and settlement negotiations.

Expedited review of visa cancellation or refusal decisions under section 501 or 501CA of the Migration Act

Was your visa application refused or has the Department cancelled your visa ?

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) has the power to review a decision made by the delegate at the Department of Home Affairs to refuse or to your cancel you Australian visa under s 501.

Once you receive notification that your visa has been cancelled, you must immediately seek legal advice and apply to the AAT to review the decision made by the Department.

The function of the AAT is to do over again that which was done by the Department officer. The AAT can give you your visa back.

At LUCKY IYARE & ASSOCIATES we have the best lawyers to help you lodge your review application with the AAT.

We work to make sure that your application to the Tribunal is successful and you are released from immigration detention.

Our fees are capped and affordable. By offering a fixed fee our clients know exactly how much they will pay. 

Are you facing assault charges? Have the police placed an AVO on you ?

Need help to change an AVO condition, have the AVO dismissed or negotiate with the police?

If you are charged by the police for an offence including common assault or assault occasioning actual bodily harm the police may take out an apprehended domestic violence order against you.

It is very important that you obtain legal advice.

Courts take breaches of ADVO orders very seriously.

You need to understand the conditions that have been placed on you and how to get the ADVO changed, amended or dismissed.

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Lucky Iyare & Associates can provide assistance once you contact us.

We can visit you in custody and negotiate with the police on your behalf.


Criminal Law

Family Law

Migration Law

Free Telephone Consultation

Contact us for a free 30 minutes telephone consultation 


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