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  • Section 501CA(3) Migration Act 1958 (Cth) time period - 28 days’ time period to respond and request a revocation of visa cancellation decision.
    When you receive the notice of your visa cancellation you have 28 days to make representations and tell the Minister why your visa cancellation should be revoked. If you fail due to a mistake, change of mind, forgetfulness or because correctional staff or officers did not give your documents to the Immigration Department it may not be possible for the Department to revoke the visa cancellation. You will need to challenge the validity of the visa cancellation notice in Court. L I & A lawyers can help if you missed the 28 days deadline. We can provide legal advice and representation to challenge the validity of the cancellation notice in the Federal Court of Australia.
  • Contravene prohibition or restriction in an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order
    A person who knowingly breaches an AVO order faces a maximum penalty of imprisonment for two years. The Court must sentence an offender to a term of imprisonment unless the Court otherwise orders. It is important that you seek legal advice before you plead guilty to an AVO breach offence. There are defences available if you are charged with a breach of AVO offence. L I & A lawyers can represent you in Court to defend the charges and obtain a not guilty verdict for you.
  • Divorce Application
    L I & A offer our clients fixed fee service for divorce applications.
  • Powers of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
    The Tribunal has the power under section 43 of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975 (Cth) to make a positve decision in favour. If your visa application is refused, the Tribunal has the power to ask the Department to grant your visa application. If your visa is cancelled, the Tribunal has the power to set aside the visa cancellation and give you your visa back.

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