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Bail Supreme Court of New South Wales

The Supreme Court is the highest court in New South Wales.

If you are charged with a crime and refused bail by the police or the Local Court you can apply to the Supreme Court for bail.


Depending on the alleged offence, a Supreme Court bail application cost between $2700 to $3600. Ask us for a flexible payment arrangement or plan.


If you are refused bail by the police or the Local Court then your charges must be serious, or you have a bad criminal history, the police are alleging the case against you is strong or you may not be able to show the community links or convince the Court that you do not pose a risk to the community if released.

To apply for bail in the Supreme Court, you must complete the application form. You must submit the application form accompanied by all the materials, documents, and affidavits you intend to rely on. You must provide documentary evidence of an acceptable person who can provide surety, bond, or accommodation.

Supreme Court Judges are very clever. They are best of the judiciary with vast experience and intellectual capacity. Simply put, you must have a convincing and strong case to be able to succeed.

At Lucky Iyare & Associates, we work with the very best barristers, senior counsel to ensure that the best possible evidence, documents, and case is put before the Supreme Court Judge allowing for a decision in your favour and release on bail.

At Lucky Iyare & Associates we will help you arrange a rehab spot for drug, alcohol, gambling, or any other problem you might be facing. This will help strengthen your bail application.


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