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Bridging Visa E – Criminal Record and Visa Cancellation

Bridging Visa E (Subclass 050) allows an individual who does not currently hold a substantive visa to remain in Australia temporarily for a specific purpose.

You can obtain a bridging visa E for example to:

  1. Apply to the Minister or the Court for a review of your visa cancellation or refusal.

  2. Apply to the AAT to review your visa cancellation or refusal.

  3. Apply for another visa for example a partner visa, or protection/refugee visa, medical treatment visa, child visa, subclass 444 visa, investor visa, retirement visa.

  4. Make plans to depart Australia.

If you are currently in immigration detention a bridging visa E grant will allow for you to be released from detention.

The immigration detention review officer or DRO will need to conduct an interview with you before you are granted this visa.

Bridging Visa E interview

The bridging visa E interview is very important. You need to convince the immigration department that you will abide by the visa conditions imposed.

If you are currently in immigration detention because your visa was cancelled as a result of criminal charges or convictions you need proper legal advice to adequately prepare for the interview.

It is important that you provide to the Department evidence that you will comply with the visa conditions imposed for example not commit further offences, payment of a bond or reporting as required.

A bridging visa E application has to be decided within two (2) working days unless extended and things can move quickly.

Lucky Iyare & Associates will provide you expert legal advice when you apply for your bridging visa E application.

We will help you prepare for your interview, and make sure that your application meets the criteria for grant ensuring your application is approved by the Department.


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